Safe Area!


1. How it Works (User)?

Of course, you must stay at home!
Fbut if you have to go out;
There will be a hanged QR code printout in the areas you are about to enter (mall, office, public transport, market etc.).
When you click “Scan the QR code” button in the dashboard of the app, camera function of the phone will be activated. Therefore, you can scan the QR code printouts hanged in the areas you are about to enter. It’s that simple!
When you leave the area, the only thing you need to do is to click “exit” button in the main dashboard.

What are these data for?

If someone, who currently or recently has shared the same environment with you, is diagnosed as coronavirus positive,
it will help Turkish Ministry of Health to contact you as rapid as possible and provide healthcare and counselling services.

2. How it Works (QR code holders);

Remember! Coronavirus is not stronger than measures!

If you want to support new coronavirus measures, you can create QR codes for your places (office, home, car etc.) and hang the code printouts on the entrance areas.

You can create new QR codes via “My QR Codes” tab in the left menu in Hayat Eve Sığar app. Besides, you can list previously created QR codes and take new printouts, if necessary.